Jobs at Ellman Realty Advisors

Interested in a career in Commercial Real Estate? If you've got the right attitude, personality, work ethic and skill set, it could be just the thing for you. Continue reading to find out you're a good fit for Ellman Realty Advisors.

Working in Commercial Real Estate is unique in that unlike typical sales jobs where virtually identical products compete for market share in a highly competitive environment, "we sell a valuable service". The service we sell is ourselves! People and their organizations rely on us to provide reliable, honest and qualified expert advice for one of the most important business decisions they will make.

Why do we love this work? Because every day of the week we are meeting with people from every imaginable walk of life. We provide Real Estate Services to organizations as varied as Cutting Edge Internet Companies, International Publishing Companies, Management Consulting Companies, Nonprofit Social Service Organizations, as well as Famous people in Movies and Entertainment. Our work revolves around the ever changing face of New York City.

This is a Commission and Fee based business. We offer one-on-one training with a seasoned professional to jump start your career. Realistically, you will live for six months to a year with virtually no income. However, if you are cut out for this business, the income potential is unlimited.

If you are personable, have strong analytical and communication skills, as well as a basic and/or advance computer skills, you might be a viable candidate for this profession. For more information or an interview, please e-mail our President at with copy of your resume or a letter. Please state why you feel you would be successful in this business and an asset to our growing organization.